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Our History

The history of modular units yielded a simple solution to a complex problem—space where space was needed. Fast, efficient, and cost-effective . . . Fabricon has provided this, and much more, since 2014. We are still leading the charge towards the broad adoption and new era of modular delivery, where function and speed meet design.

Fabricon Modular Construction

Our Launch

Founded in 2014 by BHRS Companies, the driving force behind the creation of Fabricon Modular was marketplace need. It was clear that companies required a qualified team to lead them through the conception and delivery of modular construction.

Our Growth

Fabricon Modular has dedicated its efforts to growing a brand that exceeds customer expectation. Our team members have extensive experience spanning both the modular and conventional construction industries.

We are multi-state licensed commercial and building contractors, providing construction management and construction project delivery services across a broad spectrum of markets.

By combining the resources of seasoned modular representatives, experienced program managers, national manufacturing relationships, and construction management, the Fabricon team is well positioned to deliver success to any business enterprise—now and in the future.

Trust Fabricon

Quality. Savings. Flexibility.
Delivered With Integrity

Trust Fabricon
For Quality

  • Consistent, experienced work force
  • Skilled guidance in planning and construction
  • Proper product selection for your specific building
  • In-house factory inspections
  • Adherence to client plans and specs

Trust Fabricon
For Savings

  • Expedited project process gets the business open quicker
  • Value adds for increased building durability and operational savings
  • Factory production and on-site supervision reduces time and risk on location

Trust Fabricon
For Flexibility

  • Ability to pivot quickly with changes
  • Options for sales, leasing, and financing
  • Competitive purchasing contracts
  • Simple-to-complex buildings and scopes of work
Fabricon Modular Construction

Talk to a Team Member

For more information on how Fabricon Modular can meet your building needs and help you achieve your business objectives, reach out to our experienced team today.