Make your growth goals a reality with the support of Fabricon Modular.

A new year brings an opportunity for new projects! 

At Fabricon Modular, we are prepared to be the foundation of any growth you have planned in the coming months. Whether you are expanding your business, doubling campus size, or responding to a disaster situation, our expert team is ready to jump in and deliver results efficiently and cost-effectively.

Throughout this guide, we break down the benefits of pursuing a modular experience when taking on your next endeavor. 


  1. Benefits of Mobile Offices
  2. Benefits of Building Your Foundation with Fabrion Modular
  3. What Fabricon Modular Offers: How We Can Help You
  4. Frequently Ordered Mobile Offices:
  5. Add Ons

Benefits of Mobile Offices:

It’s essential to recognize the benefits of implementing the use of mobile offices in your next project.

Mobile offices exist outside of the physical confinements of a typical office environment. Units can be used for both temporary or long-term projects. 

For example, units can act as break rooms, conference or office spaces, and even restrooms in areas outside of the office.

Building a Foundation: The benefits of Choosing Fabricon Modular

It is also necessary to highlight how essential a solid foundation is to each and every project you pursue. Fabricon Modular is ready to help you pave your way to success.

Below is a list of just some of the needs we fill:

  1. Mobile offices meet state and local building codes needed for permitting.
  2. Mobile offices are built with choice materials. 
  3. Stock mobile office lineup is readily available in different sizes. 
  4. Stock units are pre-engineered and ready for rapid delivery.
  5. Stock mobile offices can be modified to accommodate your specific situation.
  6. We provide a comprehensive range of complementary products and services.
  7. Fabricon Modular offers prepared and matched items needed for your space. That includes, but is not limited to:
    • ADA Stairs
    • ADA Ramp
    • Kitchen Appliance Package
    • Office Furniture Package
    • Door Canopy 
    • Foundation Plans 

All mobile office solutions are available through our cooperative purchasing agreements at the state and national levels.

What Fabricon Modular Offers: We see you

Fabricon Modular’s mobile office spaces are capable of supporting a variety of industries to achieve their goals.

Our reach includes, but is not limited to, industries such as:

  • Construction 
  • Disaster Recovery 
  • Education
  • Government 
  • Health Care
  • Industrial 
  • Safety and Security 
  • Transportation and Logistics 

Frequently ordered Mobile Offices:

Fabricon Modular offers a wide range of mobile office sizes and choices. Below, you will find a list of some of our most popular models.

  • 12′ x 56′ Mobile Office MO1256
  • 24′ x 56′ Mobile Office FM2456
  • 36′ x 56′ Mobile Office FM3656
  • 48′ x 56′ Mobile Office FM4856
  • 60′ x 56′ Mobile Office FM6056

We encourage you to reach out for more information. To request a quote, click HERE.

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