Container Products

Fabricon Modular offers an extensive selection of stock and customizable Storage Containers, Container Offices, and Container Products equipped to meet many temporary, relocatable, and permanent storage or space needs where space is needed quickly. These units are durable, flexible, versatile, and readily available in many different sizes, uses, and ratings. If you are a contractor needing secure on-site field office, responding to disaster, or needing secure storage for your business operations, Storage Containers and Container Offices deliver secure and efficient spaces that are easily relocated from one project to the next. Each container is ISO certified with maximum payload of over 58,000 pounds – surely capable to withstand the rigors of site construction.

Storage Containers – 8’ x 20’/40’

Get all the space you need for storage and warehousing. Weather-resistant and adaptable, Fabricon Modular’s storage containers are the logical answer for retail, commercial or construction storage. In addition to our large inventory of containers, we carry a full array of lighting, storage, and locking accessories that maximize your storage space and keep your valuables and equipment secure.

Container Offices

Ground-level mobile units offer convenience and quick access to on-site office space. Ideal for protecting building materials on construction sites, housing necessary equipment on military facilities, or providing a convenient field office location on park grounds. These versatile units are rugged and can be easily deployed for rapid delivery.

Custom Containers

Looking to customize your container? Each container application is unique and therefore we understand that you may have unique requirements. Whether extra windows, a bathroom, rollup doors, chemical resistant coatings, or blast resistance, Fabricon Modular provides simple and hassle-free options to any of our standard floor plans. In certain markets we can source specialty sizes including high-cube containers

  • Secure Storage
  • Access Control
  • Guard Houses and Security
  • Instructional and Training Rooms
  • Construction and Field Offices
  • In-Plant Offices
  • Break Rooms
  • Maintenance Facilities

Benefits of Fabricon Modular – Container Products

Fabricon Modular’s stock models have been carefully pre-engineered and specifically designed to provide you a convenient solution for nearly every situation. It’s this versatility, conservative styling, and stock fleet specifications that set the Fabricon Modular standard as best in industry class.

Whether your needs are short-term or long-term, our Container Products have you covered. Every Fabricon Modular Container Office meets strict selection criteria and is built with top choice materials for optimum performance and integrity.

Flexible lease and purchase options mean procuring your next Fabricon Modular Container Product is easy. All Container Product solutions are also available through our Cooperative Purchasing Agreements at the state and national level for eligible entities.

Sizes of Fabricon Modular – Container Offices

Fabricon Modular offers an extensive selection of stock and customizable Container Offices equipped to meet temporary, relocatable, and permanent space needs. Flexible and versatile, Containers Offices are available in several sizes and floor plans.

CO820 (8’ x 20’) 
Container Office

CO840 (8’ x 40’)
Container Office

CS840 (8’ x 40’)
Office Storage Combo

Custom Container Product options are also available.
Please contact a Sales Specialist for more information.

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