Fleet Management & Maintenance Services

Fleet management uses proven principles and methods to maintain quality, compliance, health and safety, and performance of a company’s fixed fleet assets. Fabricon Modular utilizes industry best practices and maintenance processes to develop and implement strategic goals and risk control plans for companies with single and multiple site locations throughout the southeast. We assist facility and asset managers with strategic planning, fiscal budgeting, and post-installation fleet management and ongoing maintenance solutions.

Post manufacture and installation, your modular buildings and equipment require preventative and responsive maintenance. Routinely scheduled preventative maintenance of your infrastructure will ensure proper operating conditions and decrease downtime. Fabricon Modular is intimately familiar with routine and restorative maintenance measures to reduce building degradation and preventative failures.

Defined Maintenance Services

Fleet management is often considered synonymous with maintenance. In reality, maintenance is only a small part of the total fleet management strategy. Other key components include housekeeping, energy management, and landscaping management. Maintenance is the ongoing upkeep of property of equipment to include servicing, repairs and/or replacement of equipment.

Fleet Management and Maintenance Services include:

  • Deferred Maintenance
  • Planned and Preventative Maintenance 
  • Normal and Routine Maintenance
  • Urgent, Critical and Same Day Maintenance
  • Disaster Preparedness