Gadsden Schools Designs and Opens New Classrooms in Just 90 Days

Fabricon Modular met Gadsden County School Board’s challenging classroom construction deadline by reducing design, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and installation time by 50%.

Our time frame for completion of design, manufacturing and installation of the buildings and walkways was very aggressive. Thanks to you, your staff, and subcontractors for the outstanding performance on our modular project. We look forward to working with Fabricon Modular in the future.

~ Gadsden County School Board

Challenging Timeline and Complex Scope

In May of 2021, the School Board of Gadsden County needed to build six new classrooms in just 90 days, including specification, budgeting, approvals, site preparations, manufacturing, delivery, and installation. A normal timeline for a project this size would be six months from beginning to end.

The project also included tying into an existing canopy system with elevated ramps and walkways, increasing complexity and the need for planning and precision. Given the district’s high standards and commitment to first rate educational environments, there could be no compromises on quality even with the extremely challenging timeline.

Fabricon’s services included:

Pre-approved Classrooms and Pricing Through Florida Buy Purchasing Co-op

Due to Fabricon’s participation and track record in many public purchasing cooperatives, the district was able to take advantage of the FL Buy Panhandle Area Education Consortium. This allowed them to speed up the budgeting, approval and purchasing process by taking advantage of pre-approved designs and pre-existing competitively-bid pricing. This shaved the normal process by 30 days and provided proven building designs at a very competitive price.

Strong Relationships to Secure an Extraordinary Factory Commitment

Fabricon Modular’s strong relationship with the factory and years of goodwill allowed the district to get a manufacturing commitment to meet the extraordinary timeline. Because Fabricon built its business on relationships and helping others, our partners come through when needed with extraordinary help in return.

Creative Solutions to Stay on Schedule

Fabricon maintained daily contact with the factory to address challenges quickly. Late in the manufacturing process, there was a window shortage due to COVID-19 that threatened to derail the project. Instead of giving up on the deadline, Steve Menke, Fabricon Modular’s Director of Modular Operations, devised a creative strategy to ship and install the substantially completed buildings without windows while the supply chain issue was resolved. This “outside the box” thinking avoided a stoppage and saved just enough time for the late windows to be shipped directly to site and installed on time.

Teamwork and Collaboration

As things got down to the wire, Fabricon Modular provided extended on-site project management, round the clock installation crews, and held vendor coordination meetings with the various contractors responsible for concrete, canopies, ramps, and walkways to make sure everyone was working together in the proper sequence. Fabricon’s commitment to teamwork and collaboration made the difference, especially when extraordinary things were needed.

Outstanding Results in Half the Time

Less than 90 days from the first phone call, the buildings were set and leveled, the canopies, ramps, and walkways were installed, and the project was finished on-time to rave reviews. Fabricon Modular cut the normal project timeline in half, met the school board’s needs, and delivered a quality solution at a competitive price.

In the end, it was Steve Menke’s 35+ years of experience that allowed him to “pull a rabbit from his hat” to solve problems, avoid potential missed deadlines, and complete the project on time.

Teamwork and collaboration make the difference, especially when extraordinary things are needed. Fabricon Modular would never recommend banking on a 90-day project timeline, but with us in your corner, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to take care of your needs.

~ Mark Scullion

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