How to Properly Choose Your Modular Construction Provider

While the interest in modular construction grows, the number of companies entering the modular production industry has begun to increase. With rising dealer and contractor numbers, it can make it harder for managers, business owners, etc. to find the right fit for their company’s expansion or space needs. The differences in capabilities and specialty from company to company can make choosing the best modular construction provider quite daunting.

Not only will choosing the right modular construction provider help your business, but it can also ensure you are able take advantage of the efficiencies and time savings modular delivery may afford. In this blog

What Makes a Quality Modular Construction Provider?

Extensive Experience
People looking into the modular construction industry won’t know the proper terms and vocabulary so it’s important to find a prospective company with many years of experience in the field who can translate this into easy to understand communication.

Though modular construction is an increasingly popular approach, but not new, pulling from traditional construction experience is key to being confident and successful within the modular construction industry. Though the delivery methods differ in techniques and processes, a foundational knowledge of traditional construction is necessary for successful construction project development, management, and completion.

Ensuring that your modular construction provider has had enough experience is vital in making sure that your project and money being allocated is going to the right place, and being used wisely. Their successful experience in navigating the intricacies of site assembled and constructed items to traditionally constructed items is where the modular advantages take place. If inexperienced then any time or cost advantages may be yielded to corrections or delays.

Advanced Technology
Like many other industries, modular methodologies are ever-changing with frequent advancements in technology or technique. Modular construction has experienced a number of significant advancements in the past years, and it goes without saying that the best modular construction providers are able to deliver well performing and visually pleasing buildings as they continue to follow the current trends and benefits of technology.

Beyond the technology used to design modular buildings, it’s also important to prioritize that your modular construction providers’ manufacturing facilities are always equipped with the needed equipment and machinery.

In using the latest equipment advancements, the best companies ensure that their teams have the best tools at their disposal, and everything can be produced with optimum efficiency. It’s important to question a provider’s facilities and how they approach their assembly, so your buildings are in proper working condition upon delivery and installation.

Scheduling Predictability
The predictability of a modular construction project from start to finish should be working along a steady timeline, where a building can be designed, fabricated, and assembled and delivered for use. This parallel or concurrent scheduling technique is one main advantage of modular construction.

It’s important to have scheduled predictability with your modular construction provider. Your provider should be able to complete production drawings, review submittals, secure materials, coordinate with other project stakeholder teams, and manage the many aspects of the on-site component of the build in a timely manner.

Cost-Effective Design
One of the pains for clients regarding modular construction or traditional construction is the risk of changes and delays during the construction project. Unforeseen circumstances occur, weather delays impact schedules, and design intents may need adjustment.

Experienced modular companies and good modular builders will coordinate many of these items in advance and complete a majority of the construction process themselves. Because they are in control from the design through installation they are more familiar with modular techniques and can avoid changes better than tasking this out to multiple contractors. This helps keep costs in-line with the planned budget and schedule.

Have Fabricon Modular Be Your Modular Construction Provider

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