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Modular Construction

Our flexible modular solutions offer speed, scalability, and strategic savings. Educational districts, state and municipal governments, industrial and logistical businesses, and the rapidly evolving retail, restaurant, and consumer services have all benefitted from partnering with us.


Whether it’s a new school campus, relocation of students and faculty, or relief of overcrowding, we deliver safe, code-compliant, and cost-effective buildings to meet your specific needs.

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Business & Industry

When time is of the essence, versatility in designs provide maximum flexibility and fast solutions. Whether it’s a new office campus, relocation of your business or expansion of facilities for your team, we deliver safe, code-compliant, cost-effective buildings with little impact on your daily operations so you can continue to run your company while we work.

Modular Floorplan


In today’s supply-constrained marketplace, government officials are increasingly tasked with achieving more, with fewer resources. When time is a factor and resources are limited, versatility in designs provide maximum flexibility and fast options. Whether it’s a new outreach office or expansion of existing facilities for your team, we deliver safe, code-compliant and cost-effective building solutions.

Modular Floorplan

Specialty Applications

If your business isn’t easily defined or doesn’t fall into one of the three categories already mentioned, that’s okay. Tells us what you need, and we’ll work together to plan a project that accomplishes your goals and objectives through the advantages of Fabricon’s modular delivery method.

Modular Floorplan
Modular Construction Packages

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