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Specialty Applications

For projects needing more specialized building or development approaches, we can help. Partially to fully customized single-story or multi-story buildings in uses ranging from quick-serve restaurants (QSR), healthcare facilities, multi-family, retail, and beyond are available to accomplish your single or multiple location activation.

Modular Floorplan

Specialty Applications

Our modular consulting and construction primarily focuses on clients in the education/daycare, office/commercial, and government/nonprofit sectors, but we also have extensive experience in restaurant and food service, healthcare, and light industrial markets. Additionally, we provide modular buildings for a wide variety of specialty applications and would be happy to talk to you about your specific needs.

Some of Our Specialty Application Experience Includes:

• Airport Facilities
• Assembly Spaces
• Barracks
• Bathrooms
• Command Centers
• Construction Field Offices
• Construction Storage
• Construction Trailers
• Container Offices or Shops
• Detention Facilities (low security)

• Dining Halls
• Doctors’ Offices
• Dormitories
• Field Labs
• Fire Station Facilities
• Guard Houses
• Laboratories
• Libraries
• Life Flight Facilities
• Medical Centers (walk-in clinics, dialysis, imaging)

• Outpatient Clinics
• Quick Serve Restaurants
• Rental Car Facilities
• Sea Port Facilities
• Storage Containers
• Solid Waste Dispatch Facilities
• Rail Company Facilities
• Transportation Company Facilities
• Weigh Stations

Custom Capabilities

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