Modular Building in the Healthcare Industry

With the year coming to a close and a pandemic still looming over, the rising need for functional space within the healthcare industry makes modular construction the most cost-effective solution. 

This year alone has shown that the demand for healthcare facilities is in fact necessary and inevitable. Healthcare providers, now more than ever, are looking to reduce costs and shorten construction projects, while still maintaining high-quality designs and building materials. 

The Changing Scope of Construction within the Healthcare Industry

The global pandemic has forced the healthcare industry to make abrupt changes in how they run, which has in turn put a serious strain on healthcare systems everywhere. With the need to protect and serve the people, many are looking for modular construction to meet its diverse needs. 

With the demand focusing on a migration from a centralized medical center to smaller facilities, healthcare industries are trying to implement new approaches to building these structures through modular and prefabricated buildings. 

From a construction standpoint, traditional construction projects are more labor-intensive, offer little flexibility, and are very costly. However, construction companies like Fabricon Modular, which build modular buildings in Florida, are able to construct the modular units or buildings off-site and deliver them with a shorter turnaround time.

With the improvement of technology and materials creating a shift from traditionally large buildings, the design and construction model to modular gives the healthcare industry a competitive advantage. Implementing this process can predict costs, deliver consistent and needed results, as well as decrease their reaction time. 

Benefits of Modular Construction

Modular construction has a variety of benefits for every industry. Within the healthcare industry itself, modular buildings can be turned into medical clinics, healthcare, and administrative offices, wellness centers, hospitals, and so much more! 

Shorter Turnaround

Modular buildings have a shorter turnaround compared to traditional building structures. Creating healthcare facilities or units off-site and then delivering them to the construction site can shorten the project schedule by 15 to 20 percent. By making the unit at a different location, the modular construction process can help reduce any weather-related delays that may occur during traditional construction projects. 

Better and More Predictable Outcomes

Because modular units are built in a controlled environment, the process ensures that it is predictable and the quality is consistent. Removing the added obstacles that an on-site construction job requires, eliminates extra expenses and time, and provides you with units that are exact and precise almost every time during delivery. 


Average modular building projects are lower in cost because of the prefabricated design. The key to all the benefits that modular design provides is the ability to construct them off-site. Because they are constructed off-site and then delivered with a fast turn-around, it removes any extra costs that could hinder or halt a project. With the project duration time cut in half, modular construction companies are able to provide more, for less. 

Looking for a Company that Constructs Modular Buildings in Florida and the Southeast United States? 

At Fabricon Modular, our offices are custom-designed, built in a controlled factory setting, then installed on-site. Rest assured that time is of the essence when we work with our clients! 

Your building will be constructed in our factory at the same time that your site is being prepared for installation. The unique construction process eliminates any weather-related delays and it also leads to vast savings in time and cost compared to traditional on-site construction.

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