Brandon has operated in the construction and modular spaces for over fifteen years. He formed BHRS Companies and began to promote a dynamic, performance-based culture though team building. Realizing the modular industry had enormous potential for growth, he launched Fabricon Modular. He remains involved in all facets of the business from daily operations to strategic long-term planning. Brandon also participates in development of customer solutions and interactions with Fabricon’s clients and team members on a regular basis. He believes in setting the high mark industry-wide and leading by example for both colleagues and clients. This environment has led to sustained growth in both the modular and conventional construction businesses. Brandon is a licensed general and building contractor, as well as licensed real estate broker in the State of Florida.  

Steve’s career in modular construction spans 35 years. He brings versatility and experience to every project through a skill set learned by planning and executing hundreds of projects. Steve is detailed in his approach to all facets of the modular construction process. He practices effective verbal and written communication during project development assuring all parties are clearly and concisely informed. By listening and exchanging ideas, Steve strives for mutually agreeable solutions to propel projects smoothly through development and into successful completion.

Ross has been working in the modular construction industry for approximately 10 years.  His background includes both custom modular construction sales as well as modular construction financing/leasing providing Ross the ability to view and work opportunities through multiple approaches. He brings energy, versatility, and experience to every project through a refined skill set developed over the years by planning and executing hundreds of modular projects.  Ross prefers to measure twice and cut once regarding his approach to all phases of the modular construction process.  This detailed approach combined with positive energy and clear/effective communication gives him the keen ability to view the construction process from all points of view, providing him the capabilities to merge all parties into one clear vision, leading to successful, positive modular construction projects for all parties.