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Panelized Offices Brochure

Panel Products

Fabricon Modular offers an extensive selection of stock and customizable Panel Offices equipped to meet temporary and permanent space needs where space is needed quickly. These modular office products are designed for versatile uses and readily available in many different sizes. Whether you need additional space to house more employees due to expanding operations, to provide a controlled environment on your production floor, or want to provide a convenient meeting or break space within an existing facility, our Panel Offices deliver secure and efficient spaces ready for easy on-site assembly. Our standardized stock floor plan models can be ordered in 2-wall, 3-wall, and 4-wall systems for single and multi-story applications.

Uses for Fabricon Modular – Panel Offices

Panel Offices provide convenient on-site facilities such as:

  • In-Plant Offices
  • Mezzanine Offices
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Guard Houses and Security Centers
  • Controlled Environments
  • Warehouse Offices
  • Break Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Conference and Meeting Spaces
  • Clean Rooms

Benefits of Fabricon Modular – Panel Offices

Fabricon Modular’s stock models have been carefully pre-engineered and specifically designed to provide you a convenient solution for nearly every situation. It’s this versatility, conservative styling, and stock specifications that set the Fabricon Modular standard as best in industry class. By using Fabricon Modular’s panel systems your options are nearly limitless. Whether choosing from a popular stock quick ship option, or a fully customized building system our design and installation process makes the construction process convenient and hassle-free.

Large or small, short-term, or long-term, our Panel Offices have you covered. Every Fabricon Modular Panel Office meets rigorous quality certifications and is built with top choice materials for optimum performance and integrity. From fire ratings to thermal ratings our modular building systems can also be ordered as needed to accommodate your production needs including specialty doors and hardware, window assemblies, HVAC controls, electrical systems, and roof loads.

Flexible lease and purchase options mean procuring your next Fabricon Modular Mezzanine is easy.

Industrial and Safety Product Add-ons for Fabricon Modular – Panel Offices

To complete your modular experience with convenience and compliance Fabricon Modular has expertly curated complementary Industrial and Safety Products and services to quickly have your Mezzanine up and operational making us an asset to almost every industry.

Sizes of Fabricon Modular – Panel Offices

Fabricon Modular offers an extensive selection of stock and customizable Panel Offices equipped to meet temporary and relocatable space needs. Flexible and versatile, Panel Offices are available in several sizes and floor plans from a few hundred square feet to thousands.

(10’ x 20’, 3-wall)

(10’ x 40’, 3-wall)

(20’ x 20’, 3-wall)

(20’ x 40’, 3-wall)

Custom Panel Product options are also available.
Please contact a Sales Specialist for more information.

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