Modular at its best; to say the least.

Our modular buildings are designed to meet every customer’s needs from specifications to aesthetics.

We specialize in:

  • Stock and custom architectural designs
  • Interior space and exterior buildings – including High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) compliant
  • Aluminum, steel, concrete, and wood framed materials
  • Single and multi-story applications
  • Complete interior finish options
  • Industrial warehouse offices, in-plant offices, cleanrooms and controlled environments
  • Commercial offices, professional offices, retail storefronts and sales centers
  • Education facilities, classrooms, and training centers (FBC, DCA, SREF compliant)

Success breeds success.

Modern building technologies afford owners more delivery options than ever before. For fast-tracked projects that demand speed, efficiency, and quality, modular building solutions are a popular alternative to traditional delivery methods. Building design and construction is often completed offsite while the building site is simultaneously prepared. Once reassembled and completed onsite, project schedules can be reduced by up to 50% compared to tradition site build applications.

Modular construction solutions can be semi-permanent or permanent and satisfy a wide variety of global industry needs. Our tailored buildings and space enhancement opportunities create an atmosphere that taps into the potential of the people in them. And just like the people in them, each project is individual and special.


Prefabricated & Modular Buildings

Architectural design begins with vision and conception. Whether you leave the planning to our team of architects or you have a vision we can make reality, we guarantee a result beyond your expectations.

Panelized Offices

We pride ourselves in designing and building spaces that promote hard work and happy people. Let us help you create an ideal workspace where teamwork thrives.

Mezzanines & Industrial Platforms

No aspiration is too lofty for the team at Fabricon Modular. Take your business to the next level and utilize your space to maximize potential.


Design is in the details. Combining interior design and functionality is key to making your modular environment a vehicle for success.


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