Containerized & Panelized Buildings

Fabricon Modular offers a complete selection of containerized and panelized building products which are available to meet many temporary, relocatable, and permanent space needs. These units are flexible, versatile, and readily available in many different sizes, uses, and ratings. If you are furnishing secure on-site field office space, responding to disaster, or expanding your business operations, containerized and panelized buildings deliver secure and efficient spaces that are easily relocated from one project to the next. 

Benefits of Containerized & Panelized Buildings

At Fabricon Modular, we are prepared to provide you a convenient solution for nearly every situation. Our stock containerized and panelized building lineup allows us to do just that. Whether your needs are temporary or long-term, we have you covered.

All of our containerized building products are ISO certified to withstand the demanding field conditions. All of our panelized building products are built to quality specifications and regulatory guidelines while meeting certain UL testing standards. Our stock units are also pre-engineered and ready for rapid delivery. These units provide on-site facilities such as storage, container offices, guard stations, storm shelters, safe rooms, break rooms, conference and meeting spaces, office spaces, and restrooms. All of our stock containerized and panelized building products can be modified to accommodate your specific situation.

Fabricon’s comprehensive range of complementary products and services makes us an asset to almost every industry. We have designed and built specialized solutions to meet the most demanding requirements including impact and ballistic ratings, high velocity wind ratings, pressurized environments 

and more. All mobile office solutions are available through our cooperative purchasing agreements at state and national level.

Frequently ordered Containerized & Panelized Buildings:

  • 8’ x 20’/40’ Storage Container
  • 8′ x 20’/40′ Container Office
  • 10′ x 20′ Security Guard Station RF1020
  • 10′ x 40′ In-Plant Office

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Compatible Industries

Containerized & Panelized Building Add-Ons

These complementary items have been specifically matched for added benefit of your containerized or panelized building.

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