Industrial & Safety Products

Fabricon Modular offers an extensive selection of industrial and safety products designed to secure and protect your people, as well as your facility’s prefabricated structures and modular buildings. These products are specifically meant for their intended application and often readily available for immediate protection.

Popular safety products include safety rails, swing gates, handrails, door tracks, post and rack guards and more. These solutions minimize the risk of damage to existing racking, in-plant offices, door tracks, etc. due to impacts from material handling equipment.

As an alternative solution to traditional wall systems, Fabricon Modular offers curtains and partitions which can be customized to fit the wide variety of needs in a warehouse setting. Partitions and curtains offer quick installation, usually within a few days, and an extremely flexible solution to separate anything you need to on the production floor. Curtains are retractable and can be used in exterior and interior applications.

Benefits of Industrial & Safety Products

At Fabricon Modular, we are prepared to provide you a convenient solution for nearly every situation. Our array of industrial and safety products allow us to do just that. Whether your needs are large or small, we have you covered.

Fabricon Modular staff are skilled to ensure the project workflow is better controlled by use of appropriate personnel. All of our industrial and safety products are installed by Fabricon Modular dealer trained and certified professionals which can decrease your procurement to installation time by 50%. Our professionals will work with you to develop the optimum solution because they are experienced at planning efficient workspaces saving you time and headache.

Frequently ordered Industrial & Safety Products:

  • Stairs and Steps
  • Safety Rails and Gates
  • Post and Rack Guards
  • Mezzanine Lifts
  • Curtains, Partitions & Enclosure System

Compatible Industries

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