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Construction Project Management

As project manager of your modular construction project, Fabricon Modular as your Owner’s Representative will coordinate project planning and execution for one or multiple sites. This includes monitoring and progress of civil and architectural plans through land entitlement and permitting, cost estimating, contractor and vendor selection, day-to-day management of construction phasing, and project closeout. As your project manager, we keep you informed while managing the entire process.

Project Manager

As a multi-state licensed provider, our comprehensive construction consulting service as an owner’s representative is specifically designed to support your construction project in a collaborative and transparent way.

Working closely with business owners, we help define a project’s beginning, identify potential construction bottlenecks, and monitor or deliver an active construction rollout program.

As our experienced team focuses on various aspects of the construction project, you remain connected because of our commitment to deliver concise information in a timely manner. We align with owners so you can continue doing what you do best, confident that we are doing what we do best.

Reduced Gaps Between Designer And Builder

We are involved with soliciting local civil engineering services, site plan development, and making recommendations for award.

By fostering communication between the owner and civil engineer, Fabricon assists with the most effective site plan being delivered. During this process, regulatory requirements, building placement, flow of traffic, and construction costs are just a few of the aspects considered.

Our role is to consolidate and streamline the process while delivering your vision.

Confidence in Approvals and Permits Process

After due diligence and the site plan are sufficiently completed, final bids for the civil work are obtained. Together with the modular building estimate, Fabricon assembles the overall project budget.

At final plan completion, the permit process for land development and the building commences. Monitoring plan progress through the permitting stages is a critical function handled by our in-house permitting professionals.

Fabricon helps ensure the process is executed in a timely fashion by addressing questions and reducing potential gaps in the approval process.

More Benefits to You

• An advocate throughout planning and construction
• Clear communication with one point of contact
• Visibility into the process
• Reliable and responsive customer service
• Reduced Change Order propensity
• Updated pricing throughout process
• Buildings compliant with applicable codes and standards
• Thorough factory and field inspections for quality control
• Strong building envelope through structural redundancy
• Inherently efficient with less wasted material
• Buildings can be relocated for continued use

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