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Fabricon Modular offers a turn-key approach that is unique in the modular industry and simplifies the project planning and construction processes. We enable you to accomplish more and spend less time managing multiple companies. Construction is complicated enough. With Fabricon, you have all of the resources of a single-source solution at your fingertips.

Fabricon Modular Construction

General Contractor

As a multi-state licensed provider, our comprehensive construction consulting service as an owner’s representative is specifically designed to support your construction project in a collaborative and transparent way.

Working closely with business owners, we help define a project’s beginning, identify potential construction bottlenecks, and monitor or deliver an active construction rollout program.

As our experienced team focuses on various aspects of the construction project, you remain connected because of our commitment to deliver concise information in a timely manner. We align with owners so you can continue doing what you do best, confident that we are doing what we do best.

Construction Project Management

Construction management uses proven project principles and methods to manage the construction process. Fabricon Modular utilizes industry best practices and processes to develop and implement strategic goals for individual construction projects and rollout programs.

The primary objective as construction manager is to define controllable factors such as time, cost, and quality. Our firm understands the importance of clearly delineating scopes, setting performance goals, and choosing the right contracting teams and vendors.

Effective management throughout the project lifecycle helps ensure that our clients’ objectives are met.

Building and Site Construction

As a general contractor, Fabricon Modular is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of your modular construction project, vendor and trade management, communication, and ultimately completing your project as specified.

We understand the importance of quality control. Our processes, anchored by clear communication, effectively manage the extensive amount of tasks associated with a building project.

Our entire organization is committed to safety and quality. Our equally strong dedication to business fundamentals guarantees that projects are consistently completed on time, and within budget.

Building Installation and Relocations

If your modular building was purchased elsewhere, Fabricon Modular may still be able to help. Our processes can be applied to relocating your existing modular building.

Our crews are licensed, insured, and trained to complete even the most difficult relocation projects.

Modular Installation and Relocation Services include:
• Assessment of Current Modular for Relocation
• Dismantle of Building and Above Grade Foundation
• Road-Ready Preparation of Modules
• Transportation to a New Location
• Poured Concrete Foundation (if applicable)
• Crane Set (if applicable)
• Blocking, Leveling, and Anchoring

Fabricon Modular Construction

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