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Fabricon Modular offers a turn-key approach that is unique in the modular industry and simplifies the project planning and construction processes. We enable you to accomplish more because you spend less time managing multiple companies. Construction is complicated enough. With Fabricon, you have all of the resources of a single-source solution at your fingertips.

Fabricon Modular Construction

Owner’s Representative

As a multi-state licensed provider, our comprehensive owner’s representative as advisor or constructor is specifically tailored to support your construction project in a collaborative and transparent way.

Working closely with owners, institutions, design teams, and other project shareholders, we help define the major milestones including the appropriate start and finish dates, identify and mitigate risks, and monitor construction progress via day-to-day project management.

As our experienced team focuses on various aspects of the construction project, you remain connected because of our commitment to deliver concise information in a timely manner. We align with owners so you can continue doing what you do best, confident that we are doing what we do best.

Planning and Estimating

The scope of services typically addresses:

  • Architectural and Design Elements
  • Civil Design and Engineering Requirements
  • Field Verifications
  • Budget Development
  • Schedule Development
  • Scoping Development
  • FF&E and OS&E
  • Permitting Strategies
  • Contractor Qualifications

As your single point of contact, we can coordinate all of these services, advancing your speed to market and eliminating the headaches owners usually face when juggling all aspects of a construction project. Let us carry the burden, so you can focus on running your company.

Architectural Design and Engineering

Fabricon Modular offers both stock and customizable modular buildings equipped to meet temporary, relocatable, and permanent space needs. Our team of experts provides insight for modular space planning, including proper sizing, configurations, and finishes.

We collaborate to provide high-quality modular environments—delivered on budget, at the speed of business.

Modular Design and Engineering Services include:

  • Stock Plans
  • Custom Plans
  • Shop Drawings, 3D Renderings/Schematics, and Permit Sets
  • Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Systems Engineering
  • Calculations, Testing, and Certifications


Fabricon’s planning and data analysis strategy yields value engineering where it’s needed the most. We ensure effective delivery during preconstruction activities including planning, modular design, and permitting. Whether you engage us as your primary permitting team or prefer we work with your current team, our involvement will help guarantee that your construction process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Modular Planning and Permitting Services include assistance with:

  • Design Development
  • Project Feasibility, Budgeting, and Scheduling
  • Spatial Planning
  • Site Planning and Coordination
  • Civil and General Contracting
Fabricon Modular Construction

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