At Fabricon Modular, we are passionate about creating optimized learning environments. Our team is adept at building educational institutions and allowing facilities room to house increased student populations.

Fabricon Modular designs are a permanent solution to a growing student population. Our school buildings allow the custom specifications offered by traditional construction methods at the price point of a temporary classroom.  

Alternative options to modular classrooms are not ideal. You could choose to turn your school into a dangerous, long-term construction site or worse, invest in a “temporary” classroom option for an indefinite amount of time. Your best bet is to choose one of our modular design solutions that is  tailored to the needs of your students, teachers and staff.

The Importance of Premiere Modular Facility Design

Schools have high standards when it comes to design and construction standards  in order to ensure the safety of high volumes of students, teachers and staff. Our team works in conjunction with facilities and OM team managers, incorporating an extensive knowledge of current safety technologies to guarantee that school buildings are secure.

Why Educational Clients Chose Fabricon Modular

Fabricon Modular tailors modular design solutions to our clients’ needs. During preconstruction, we provide design options based on optimal value and final project outcomes. Our team understands the importance of your budget and scheduling constraints.The entire process is collaborative from design and construction through furnishing.

Fabricon Modular has provided invaluable solutions to countless educational institutions. Call us today to discuss your project!

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