The Benefits of Leasing Modular Buildings With Fabricon Modular

When it comes to securing a mobile office or modular building for a project, there are two main ways people can procure them.

  1. Purchasing 
  2. Leasing

In this guide, we break down the advantages of leasing stock modular products through Fabricon Modular. 


  1. The Flexibility of Leasing Through Fabricon Modular
  2. The Versatility of Fabricon Modular’s Stock Products
  3. Leasing Availability With Fabricon Modular
  4. Save Your Money and Lease Modular
  5. Get In Touch With Fabricon Modular Today

The Flexibility of Leasing Mobile Offices with Fabricon Modular

At Fabricon Modular, we recognize that every project is unique and differ in terms. One advantage of leasing modular stock products is the ability to turn your product in at the end of your term. Leasing, by nature, is better for projects that are semi-permanent or temporary. 

Projects leases can range from:

  • Less than 12 months 
  • Greater than 12 months
  • Multi year 
  • Indefinite

It’s important to note that Fabricon Modular offers flexible leases. For example, if a project is to change throughout the middle of a term, customers have the option to extend their lease. That means, if you need a product for a longer amount of time, simply extend your lease term and keep your building out there for as long as you need it. 

Each end-user has the advantage of selecting how long they need the building for. 

The Versatility of Fabricon Modular’s Stock Products 

Fabricon Modular’s stock products are pre-engineered and pre-designed to be extremely flexible and versatile for virtually every business need. They can be sized from a couple of hundred square feet to up to tens of thousands of square feet. The versatility in that sense, really allows us to customize the configuration as a particular business may need it.

It’s important to note that Fabricon Modular’s mobile offices and modular buildings are built with the same building materials and code standards as a traditional building. Fabricon Modular uses:

  1. Commercial grade flooring
  2. Commercial grade gypsum walls
  3. Commercial grade ceiling and ceiling finishes
  4. Vinyl tile flooring
  5. Bathrooms
  6. Air-conditioning
  7. Kitchen cabinets
  8. Sinks
  9. Plumbing

Stock Products Highlight: Mobile Field Offices 

Mobile Field Offices provide temporary spaces in the field for a project’s duration. If you’re onsite in a construction environment or renovation environment, you will need some temporary space for meetings or a place to house employees. This product is helpful for project managers, engineers, project accountants, employees, and more. 

Leasing Availability With Fabricon Modular 

Another big advantage of leasing modular buildings is not just the pre-engineering and versatility for your term configuration, but also the availability of Fabricon Modular stock products. Most of the guesswork has been done for you. When you’re leasing, you can call Fabricon Modular and request certain criteria for your project, like the size of the building they need and the amount of time they need it in. Buildings are able to be delivered to sites in a very short amount of time.

Save Your Money and Lease Modular 

The largest financial benefit of modular leasing is the capital expenses vs. operating expenses. When it comes to buying a product, a purchase would imply that a customer would either have to stroke a check to pay for that building upright or put it on a credit card and finance it in some way. Although Fabricon Modular offers financing, taking advantage of leasing gives our clients the ability to not have to come up with that lump sum of money. Instead, you simply pay a lesser amount upfront and you only pay for the term you’re going to use it.

Get In Touch With Fabricon Modular Today 

Fabricon Modular is dedicated to making your goals a reality. Whether you are looking for temporary or long-term space, we are your solution! Our team is equipped to bring you the results you are looking for in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

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