Fabricon Modular: Offering A Secure and Efficient Solution in Every Situation 

 Fabricon Modular’s Container Products Meet Temporary, Relocatable, and Permanent Storage or Space Needs 

If you are a contractor needing a secure on-site field office, responding to disaster, or in need of storage for your business operations, Fabricon Modular has you covered. Our expert team is equipped to offer an extensive selection of stock and customizable container products that meet many temporary, relocatable, and permanent storage or space needs. These units can include:

  • Storage Containers
  • Custom Containers
  • Container Offices

In this guide, we break down how Fabricon Modular’s Container Products deliver secure and efficient spaces that are easily relocated from one project to the next.


  1. The Benefits of Using Fabricon Modular’s Container Products
  2. Identifying the Different Types of Container Products
  3. Sizes of Fabricon Modular’s Container Offices
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The Benefits of Using Fabricon Modular’s Container Products:

Container products are any prefabricated or modular building systems Fabricon Modular has built or manufactured using a shipping container as the superstructure envelope.

Fabricon Modular’s Container Products serve a variety of project types. Units are built to be:

  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Readily Available

These units are manufactured in different sizes and made for different uses and ratings. Each container is ISO certified with a maximum payload of over 58,000 pounds and capable of withstanding rigors of site construction.

Container units provide convenient on-site facilities such as:

  • Construction and Field Offices
  • Secure Storage
  • In-Plant Offices
  • Access Control
  • Break Rooms
  • Guard Houses and Security Maintenance Facilities
  • Instructional and Training Rooms

Identifying the Different Types of Container Products:

Fabricon Modular offers a selection of Container Products. They include:

1. Storage Containers (8’ x 20’/40’):
Storage Containers allow you to have all the space you need for storage and warehousing. These units are both weather-resistant and adaptable, making them a logical choice for industries like:

    • Retail
    • Commercial
    • Construction storage

In addition to our large inventory of containers, we offer a full array of accessories that maximize your storage space and keep your valuables and equipment secure. Those accessories include:

    • Lighting Features
    • Storage Features
    • Locking Features

2. Custom Containers:

Fabricon Modular gives you the option to customize your containers. We design each container application to be unique, equipping our expert team with the knowledge of your many unique requirements. Whether extra windows           bathroom, rollup doors, chemical resistant coatings, or even a blast resistance, we at Fabricon Modular are able to provide simple and hassle-free options to any of our standard floor plans.

In certain markets, we can source specialty sizes including high-cube containers.

3. Container Offices:

Fabricon Modular’s Ground-level mobile units offer convenience and quick access to on-site office space. These versatile units are rugged and can be easily deployed for rapid delivery. They are ideal for protecting building materials on          construction sites, housing necessary equipment on military facilities, or providing a convenient field office location on park grounds.

 Different Sizes of Fabricon Modular’s Container Offices

Fabricon Modular offers an extensive selection of stock and customizable Container Offices equipped to meet temporary, relocatable, and permanent space needs.

Containers Offices are available in several sizes and floor plans.

  • CO820 (8’ x 20’) – Container Office
  • CO840 (8’ x 40’) – Container Office
  • CS840 (8’ x 40’) – Office Storage Combo

Request Your Personalized Quote Today:

Ready to Order your Storage Container or Container Office? Fabricon Modular is dedicated to making your goals a reality. Whether you are looking for temporary or long-term space, we are your solution! Our team is equipped to bring you the results you are looking for in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

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